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Are moving consultants worth the money?

Many moving companies have their own employees who are certified consultants and will help with any services needed for a move either across town or around the world. They will help estimate what will be moved as well as the costs.

For the purposes of this article, only Certified Moving Consultants (CMC) will be considered removalist sutherland shire

These individuals are members of the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA) and have been active in the industry for at least six months before applying for certification.  They studied the materials on the subject or attended a CMC training camp. It’s not worth hiring someone who isn’t certified in the industry.

A Certified Consultant will have:

She underwent a rigorous application process

Passed the CMC exam

Signed the Code of Ethics and Professional Standards

Annual fee paid to the trade association

Been recertified every two years

Most people agree that moving is a stressful time even if it’s only for a short distance. For people who have few personal items and who can put everything they own in the back of a pickup truck, a counselor may not be worth the money.

However, for almost everyone else, the services provided by a consultant greatly reduce the stress involved in moving house and make the whole process much smoother. The consultant will visit the home of the people moving and get an idea of ​​the type of things that will be moved and the best way to move them.

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For example, if the client has several valuable paintings or fragile antiques, the consultant will make sure they are packed properly to minimize the possibility of damage.

A Certified Moving Consultant:

Provide an accurate quote

Suggest packing strategies

Introduce cost savings opportunities

Completely organize the move

Keep the customer informed on the progress of the move

Handle all the little details of the move

Sometimes, people don’t get much time from learning they need to relocate to the time they start a new job in a different city. In these cases, it would be worth hiring a consultant. Even the process of hiring a reputable mover takes time to call several companies, get estimates, and compare prices. With just one phone call, a client can find certified moving consultants who will do all the necessary work.

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